Holland Mews Master and Floor Plan
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Holland Mew Site Plan

Floor area and master plan are approximate measurements and subject to final survey.

Holland Mew Site Plan
Type-A1a (approx 118 sq m)
Type-A1b (approx 116 sq m)
Type-A1 p (approx 145 sq m)
Type-A2 (approx 84 sq m)
Type-A3 (approx. 172 sq m)
Type-A4b (approx 222 sq m)
Type-A4a (approx. 224 sq m)
Type-A5p (approx 100 sq m)
Type-B1a (approx 234 sq m)
Type-B1b (approx 235 sq m)
Type-B1c (approx 234 sq m)
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